This pathway is designed to encourage you to take the NEXT STEP in your journey TOWARDS CHRIST.

LOVE GOD: I come to church, and have my own time with God 

We believe that Sunday Services are the best setting to love God together and experience the strength of our church family. Making Sunday Services a regular commitment puts God as a priority in your week.

Time with God involves regularly reading the word, listening to the Holy Spirit and responding.

BELONG: I belong to my church family, on Sundays, in groups and on teams

When we become a Christian we are born again into God’s family. That sense of belonging is realised as we meet together. At Macquarie we encourage everyone to make Sunday Services a weekly priority to experience the strength of belonging to your church family. 

We also encourage you to join a life group, attend a ministry group, or connect in the other teams that you belong to.

GROW: I am committed to growing emotionally and spiritually

As followers of Jesus we acknowledge that we will never stop growing and learning on our journey Towards Christ. We grow in our knowledge of God, in our walk with Him and in the outworking of our gifts. We also grow emotionally and spiritually.

Serve: I use my gift to build the church

We believe that Jesus came to serve and we should do likewise. Everyone is gifted by the Holy Spirit in order to strengthen the church.  Serving on a team can also improve your sense of belonging. We encourage everyone to join a team and contribute to making church happen. 

GO: I go into my world

At Macquarie we do this through our own personal relationships and community engagement.

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